The purpose for the development  of André Citroën secondary school in Boskovice.

First of all, why  this honourable name of our school? In 1995, due to the necessity of the access to new technology in the automobile industry, the school management had to look for a strategical partner that would support the school in establishing  an independent society devoting to car marketing and to an authorized motor-vehicle service. There were relevant negotiations with different car manufacturers such as Citroën, Škoda, Peugeot and Lada. Eventually, the André Citroën automobile company, which offered the most advantageous conditions for our school, was the best choice. Therefore the school management, after negotiating the case with Mr. Philip Vincent the general director of the company André Citroën in the Czech Republic,  decided to require for borrowing the honourable title for the school. We have become the second European school which holds the name of André Citroën after the prestigious technical lyceum in Paris. 

The main reasons why to choose a study at our André Citroën secondary school in Boskovice:

Driving licence: The students can gain a driving licence  for cars, lorries and tractors, depending on  the types of  branch, during the study.

Swimming pool and wireless connection: It is available to use the indoor swimmig pool for students during P.E.lessons or in their free time. Wi.Fi. technology enable the students to be connected to the school site or the interent.

Citroën: The study takes place at a brand-name school, which is the second technical school in Europe, after the well-known technical lyceum in Paris. These schools are supported by the world’s automobile manufacturer, André Citroën.

Czech school inspection: Our André Citroën school has achieved an extrastandard evaluation in all demaning educational spheres during the Czech school inspection .

Student dormitory: There is a dormitory where the students that can not commute to school every day can be accommodated in two-bed or three-bed rooms.

Ecology: The school is involved in some ecological projects in which enable the students to participate actively.

Fitness centre: Along with many sports activities, the students can also use the newly equipped fitness centre besides the school gymnasium and other facilities.

Gallery of historical machines: It is one of a few schools which has its own unique collection of historical machines that can be renovated by student participation according to their interests and field of study.

Playground with an artificial surface: The outdoor playground with a new top-class artificial surface is used not only for P.E. lessons, but also for free time activities.

Clever choice: In case you are interested in studying at the  André Citroën school, it is possible to choose from the unrivalled offer of a 4-year study, 3-year study or 2-year follow-up study branch. The applicants who fulfill all the standards of acceptance will complete their study with leaving (maturita) examinations within four years or five years programmes.

Internet: All-day connection to the internet  is available all over the school . The website connection is an ensured line of 50Mb/s speed.

Canteen: The modern catering facility, which fulfils the entire demanding  requirements  of  hygiene,  serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with cheap prices. The students can choose one of two daily meal options.

Cultural enjoyment: Thanks to the rich cultural events at school and in the town, Boskovice our students may enjoy themselves by visiting concerts, theater, cinemas and galleries.

Educational-training skiing courses: In the first year of studying at the school, our students can participate in the winter skiing course at  the mountain centers in the Czech republic or abroad. It is possible to borrow skiing equipment and outfit from school.

International certificates: The students can be prepared for the international respected Cambridge examinations and they can also gain a certificate in Autodesc Academic programme ( it is a form of corporation which is led by  a software company in the subject of draft and sharing digital data with academic spher).  

Endowment fund: The school endowment fund is to support the educational and international activities, particularly contributing to  students´activities.

Commercial representation: As a matter of fact, the secondary school of André Citroën is the official representative of many significant brands. It can offer above-standard conditions for students including advantageous shopping in school automobile and computing technology shops.

Professional preparation: As the only school in the Czech Republic, it tentatively verifies the preparation for acquiring the professional drivers´ occupational licence.

School projects: There were some projects from the European structural funds, worth over 50 mil. Czech crowns, which were emplemented by our school between 2011 and 2016. And for the period from 2017 to 2020 there are other prepared projects worth almost 60 mil. CzK.

Air-pressured dome sports playground: The air-pressured sports hall is available for Studends during the season of unfavourable climatic conditions.This  playgroung is used for different events at any time, besides  using it for regular P.E. lessons.

Retraining and implemention of modern methods of tuition: The school of André Citroën also ensures retraining programmes and it is the centre of diagnostics for more than forty world leading automobile brands.

Craft dexterity: In many ranks of study, our students gain corresponding skills, besides theoretical knowledge, within the specialized training classes and practical lessons.

Welding school: There is a welding workroom which provides ( for chosen fields of study ) training to acquire certification  in welding for free.

Training centres, students´ locker room: Our school is an accredited training centre. There is a students´locker room which is equipped with new lockers and CCTV security  cameras.

School gymnasium: There is a sports hall, which is well equipped and fulfils the formal dimensions to be used as a hall for indoor sports, combat sports and gymnactics.

Graduates and finding employment: Our graduates have an advantage of finding employment at the working market easily, because electronics, IC technology, automobile industry and engineering are the most dynamic developing  branches in the world and the Czech Republic as well. Moreover, the demand  for educated workers in the sector of law and security  is in growing demand in the  labour  market.

Achievement in competitions: The students at our school accomplish high achievement in different types of competitions, even in international standard.  Also the results of the benchmark tests, comparing to the same sorts of school, are very good.

Foreign language classes: Teaching foreign languages has a big importance at  André Citroën secondary school. Besides the lessons of English language, which is a compulsory subject, there are optional  ones. For example: German, French and Russian language. There is a native speaker of English within the EU project at our school as well. Moreover, the successful result of a Fulbright grant that enabled the reciprocal swap of teachers from our school with teachers from Detroit, USA is evidence of our teachers´excellent level of teaching foreign languages.

Web technology, school web pages: Through the school web application it is possible to continuously follow the students´ attendance and their school results and even to remote access to catering system.

Educational excursion to foreign countries: Among the most important activities are the organized language excursions abroad, the Exchange scholarship, holding expert excursions and last but not least the participation in international projects with partner schools abroad.

Pupils: The school’s  highest value and its  future are our students. André Citroën school  is one of the biggest schools in this region. Attempting to create the best conditions for students to help them in difficult situations is the main priority of our school. Therefore, a school psychologist, educational advisor, anti-drug prevention methodist and all other pedagogical and school operating employees are availabe for our pupils. This attitude, together with the assurance of good, steady, financially guaranteed school organization, ensures a certainty for a perspective and responsible choice for pupils and their parents which is above-standard in the complicated conditions these days.