23-56-H/01 METAL TOOLER, CNC MACHINE OPERATOR a 3-year course

This schooling field is focused on machine tool operations, metal, plastic and wood, and on the operation of numerically controlled machines. After finishing the studies and the corresponding hand-on practice, the graduates are capable of setting, operating and maintaining the basic types of machine tools ( lathes, milling machines, griders, drilling machines and boring mills ). The students get knowledge and skills which are necessary to operate CNC technology, programming, starting up, maintaining the working tools of CNC machines. During the third year of study, the pupils gain working experience in real workplaces of engineering companies in order to get the pupils to know about the working environment, working demands placed on employees atc. The graduates can find employment in different technical operations, where this branch is in high demand or they have the opportunity to continue in studying the follow-up field for two years to gain higher education.